Watch out there is a Cheeky Elf about!!


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A Cheeky Elf has joined us in Reception and he has been up to some mischief.

Just look at what he has been up to.

First he put all of the children’s pegs onto the red traffic light.

We found him the next morning making snow angels with all the Pom Poms from the Christmas Tree game.

He tipped all the reading books out in the book corner.

Hannah thought it would be a good idea to make Elf a peg for our traffic lights.  I think he will be spending a lot of time of the Red traffic light.

We have been drawing pictures of the things the Naughty Elf has been doing.

James had a go at writing a sentence to go with his picture.

Elf on the red, wrote James.

Exciting News About Bob the Caterpillar


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There has been some very exciting news this week about Bob the Caterpillar.

Many weeks ago Bob built himself a cocoon on a leaf and went to sleep.  We waited and watched and watched and waited but no sign of Bob waking up.

We had almost given up hope of seeing a new Bob and thought that he had fallen asleep and forgotten how to wake back up.

Jayden had been keeping a very close eye on the butterfly net and was very excited to notice on Monday that Bob had finally woken up.

He looked very different to when we last saw him.

Welcome to the world again Bob the MOTH!!

He is very small and very, very cute just like the picture we found on the internet.

We will give Bob chance for his wings to be strong before we let him go outside.


Children in Need Day


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We need to say a massive THANKYOU,on behalf of Pudsey Bear, to you all for being so generous today as in Reception we raised a massive £58.42 for Children in Need.

We sorted all the coins we had brought in into seperate piles of 1ps, 2ps, 5ps,  10ps, 20ps, 50ps and £1 coins.

We firstly looked at what each coin looked like and talked about what each coin was called.  Then we covered large Pudsey Bear pictures with all the money.

Pudsey Bear Activities

We have been very busy all day with lots of Pudsey Bear Activities.

We have been colouring in, cutting out and fixing together our very own Pudsey Bears.

Sorting Pudsey Bears into height order on the light box.

Playing a game using a dice and paint.  We had to roll the dice and choose the correct body piece stamps.  Then dip it in the paint and print out a picture of Pudsey.  When all the pieces were collected we made a full Pudsey.

We played a memory game and had to find 2 pictures of Pudsey that were the same.

We worked together to complete Pudsey Bear jigsaws.

We also made our own Pudsey Bears using the playdough and the tools.

What a very busy Children in Need Day we have had.


A perfect way to start our day – with a little bit of reading.


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We have a new reading board in Reception and this is now our first job of the day.

Our board helps us to find the initial sounds in words and also to read CVC words and match them to a picture.

We can chose a sound and try to find a picture that starts with that sound.  We can also chose a card and say the sounds on the card then blend them together to read the word.  When we think we know what the word says we have to find the picture that matches our words and put the word in the holders underneath.


We love learning to read in Reception.



Learning about Fire Safety


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After our enjoyment when making bonfire art using leaves we wanted to find out more about fire.

We are very lucky in Reception to have Mr Murton every afternoon and on Friday Mr Murton made us our very own mini bonfire.

We had to be very sensible as although fire is beautiful to look at, it  can be very dangerous.

We listened carefully to the fire safety rules.

Here are some of the things we knew already.

Lewis said, “You can’t go too near it.”

James said, “That’s because it is very hot.”

Harley added, “You might burn yourself.”

I asked the children what they thought Mr Murton would need to make a fire.

Rosie said, “Sticks for the bottom.”

A.J said, “Branches.”

Daniel said, “You need to go like this.”  As he said this, Daniel demonstrated rubbing sticks together.  Wow, Daniel, I think you have been watching Bear Grylls!

Hannah said, “Matches.”

Mr Murton explained that he doesn’t use matches to light his fires and he showed the children his flint and steel tool.

The children thought this was very cool and enjoyed watching the bright sparks.

Mr Murton started to build his fire whilst explaining all the things he needed.

Woolly bits and wood shavings were first as these caught fire easily.

Then bigger shavings and small sticks.

I asked the children why Mr Murton was wearing gloves.

Harry said, “Not to burn his hands.”

Our fire was starting to look very big and extremely hot.

Mr Murton kept adding lots of wood pieces.

Lewis said, “This is to stop the fire from going out.”

We listened to the fire to hear all the noises it was making.  We thought of different words to describe the noises.

Hannah said, “Crackling.”

Isla said, “POP! POP! POP!”

Elsa said, “Banging.”

Sklyah said, “Snap!”

James said, “Crack!”

Daniel said, “Crunchy sounds.”

Frankie L said, “Bangs.”

Jayden said, “Crackles.”

As a special treat we were allowed to have a go at toasting our own marshmallows to make a tasty treat.

We had to hold the stick carefully to make sure it didn’t go too near the fire as we didn’t want to burn our marshmallows.

The squidgy marshmallows were sandwiched between 2 yummy chocolate biscuits.

They tasted delicious!

They were very sticky.

Even our Year 6 Young Teachers enjoyed toasting marshmallows.

Autumn leaves are great for BIG ART!!


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On our way up to the lunch hall today the children noticed how colourful the path was which was covered in Autumn leaves.  Reds, yellows, oranges, and browns of all different shapes and sizes.

After lunch we all popped our coats on and went collecting.  We searched for leaves of a certain shape to make a certain picture ………….  Can you guess what we wanted to make?  Here is a clue – We also needed lots of twigs.

We split into 2 groups.  Mr Murton helped his group to break some of the big twigs to make them smaller.

Mrs Barker’s group started to make small pictures of their own.

Then we decided to make a picture together.


I think you can guess now …….   We made a BIG bonfire.  The Autumn coloured leaves made perfect flames.


Mr Murton’s group made small bonfires on the decking and the path.  We decided that we wanted to make one HUGE picture so we moved all of the smaller bonfires and put them together with Mrs Barker’s group on the outdoor Art Area to make our picture even BIGGER.

What fabulous teamwork guys.  You worked really well together to make a super Autumn bonfire picture.  Let’s see what other pictures you can make tomorrow.



We are enjoying our Phonics in Reception.


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In our Phonics sessions we have been trying to write our sounds really neatly and then choosing which one we like the best and also explaining why.

We write 3 sounds and put a dot under the one we like the best.

Our writing is already lovely and neat.

Here are some of the reasons why we chose our favourite ones.

Hannah said “It has a good circle shape”

Theo said “That one is a little bit tall”

Daniel said “It’s super tall”

Nancy said “Nice and straight”

Elsa said “It has a really long neck”


We have also been making some words using the sounds we have learnt so far.

We have a board with all the sounds we know on and we have to choose the right sounds to make the words.

Fred the Frog says the sounds and we use our Fred Fingers to make the word.  Then we put each of the sounds we can hear onto our boards.

We are so clever.  We can make the words mat, mad, sad, dad, at and sam.

We have even been making sounds using conkers.

We love our Phonics in Reception.

Jam Sandwich Making


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We have been reading a story all about a Giant Jam Sandwich.

In this story there was a town that had been invaded by 4 million wasps.

The town had to come up with a plan of how to get rid of them all.  In the story the mayor called a meeting to talk about the plan.

We had a talk to eachother and came up with some good ideas.

We thought they could …..

Chase them away

Catch them in a big net

Tell them to fly away somewhere else.

The town people decided they would make a giant jam sandwich to trap the wasps.

It was so big that they needed a tractor to spread the butter and jam.

The wasps loved the giant sandwich and whilst they were busy eating it they dropped another huge slice of bread on top and trapped all the wasps.

Everyone was so happy that all the wasps had gone.

We loved this story so much that we decided to make our very own jam sandwiches.

We had a giant table to make our sandwiches on.

Mrs Barker gave us some instructions and we listened really carefully to them before we started.

Then it was time to get making.  First we used a knife to spread the butter.  We didn’t need a tractor as our sandwiches were only small.

Super spreading guys.

Next it was time to spread the jam.  This was a bit tricky as the jam is so sticky.  It was so hard not to lick our fingers.

Once we had spread all the jam on it was time to cut our slices in half.  We had to try and cut right down the middle so our pieces were the same size.

When we had cut our sandwiches in half we put the 2 pieces together and cut it in half again.  This was super tricky as the pieces had become very slippy with all the jam.

Fabulous cutting guys.

2 gorgeous little jam sandwiches all ready to eat.

Mmmmmmm delicious!!!!!

Yum Yum Yum!!!!

We loved reading all about the Giant Jam Sandwich and we especially enjoyed making our own.

Have another go at home making some different flavour sandwiches.  Let me know which one is your favourite.

Hooray Free Story Books


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Every year the very kind people from The Book Trust send all new starters a free book.  Ours have arrived today and it is a beautiful story all about a Bumblebear called Norman.

I hope you all enjoy sharing this lovely story with your children at home.  There is nothing quite like snuggling up together and sharing a book.  Let me know what your child thought of this story.

Exciting changes in Reception


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We have been keeping a very close eye on Bob the Caterpillar and watching what he has been up to.  He has been munching and crunching on the leaves we have been giving him.  He has been crawling all around his enclosure and at one point we thought we had lost him.

We definitely hadn’t lost him but we had noticed that he wasn’t crawling around anymore.

Bob has built himself a cocoon.

Jayden told Mrs Channing “He is inside his bacoon”

Lewis said “He has built himself a cocoon and is sleeping now”

“I can’t wait for him to be that cute moth.  If he flies on my finger I will give him a stroke” said Jayden.

We have also adopted another caterpillar the same as Bob which Sadie and Paloma found at playtime.  He has settled in to his new home and will hopefully build himself a cocoon soon.