Watch out there is a Cheeky Elf about!!


Posted by sbarker | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 06-12-2017

A Cheeky Elf has joined us in Reception and he has been up to some mischief.

Just look at what he has been up to.

First he put all of the children’s pegs onto the red traffic light.

We found him the next morning making snow angels with all the Pom Poms from the Christmas Tree game.

He tipped all the reading books out in the book corner.

Hannah thought it would be a good idea to make Elf a peg for our traffic lights.  I think he will be spending a lot of time of the Red traffic light.

We have been drawing pictures of the things the Naughty Elf has been doing.

James had a go at writing a sentence to go with his picture.

Elf on the red, wrote James.

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What a cheeky elf he is! I’m sure you’ll teach him how to behave, children!

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