Exciting News About Bob the Caterpillar


Posted by sbarker | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 06-12-2017

There has been some very exciting news this week about Bob the Caterpillar.

Many weeks ago Bob built himself a cocoon on a leaf and went to sleep.  We waited and watched and watched and waited but no sign of Bob waking up.

We had almost given up hope of seeing a new Bob and thought that he had fallen asleep and forgotten how to wake back up.

Jayden had been keeping a very close eye on the butterfly net and was very excited to notice on Monday that Bob had finally woken up.

He looked very different to when we last saw him.

Welcome to the world again Bob the MOTH!!

He is very small and very, very cute just like the picture we found on the internet.

We will give Bob chance for his wings to be strong before we let him go outside.


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What a beautiful moth! This is very exciting news, indeed! Well done for looking after Bob so well. You are very kind children!

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