Children in Need Day


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We need to say a massive THANKYOU,on behalf of Pudsey Bear, to you all for being so generous today as in Reception we raised a massive £58.42 for Children in Need.

We sorted all the coins we had brought in into seperate piles of 1ps, 2ps, 5ps,  10ps, 20ps, 50ps and £1 coins.

We firstly looked at what each coin looked like and talked about what each coin was called.  Then we covered large Pudsey Bear pictures with all the money.

Pudsey Bear Activities

We have been very busy all day with lots of Pudsey Bear Activities.

We have been colouring in, cutting out and fixing together our very own Pudsey Bears.

Sorting Pudsey Bears into height order on the light box.

Playing a game using a dice and paint.  We had to roll the dice and choose the correct body piece stamps.  Then dip it in the paint and print out a picture of Pudsey.  When all the pieces were collected we made a full Pudsey.

We played a memory game and had to find 2 pictures of Pudsey that were the same.

We worked together to complete Pudsey Bear jigsaws.

We also made our own Pudsey Bears using the playdough and the tools.

What a very busy Children in Need Day we have had.


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