Learning about Fire Safety


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After our enjoyment when making bonfire art using leaves we wanted to find out more about fire.

We are very lucky in Reception to have Mr Murton every afternoon and on Friday Mr Murton made us our very own mini bonfire.

We had to be very sensible as although fire is beautiful to look at, it  can be very dangerous.

We listened carefully to the fire safety rules.

Here are some of the things we knew already.

Lewis said, “You can’t go too near it.”

James said, “That’s because it is very hot.”

Harley added, “You might burn yourself.”

I asked the children what they thought Mr Murton would need to make a fire.

Rosie said, “Sticks for the bottom.”

A.J said, “Branches.”

Daniel said, “You need to go like this.”  As he said this, Daniel demonstrated rubbing sticks together.  Wow, Daniel, I think you have been watching Bear Grylls!

Hannah said, “Matches.”

Mr Murton explained that he doesn’t use matches to light his fires and he showed the children his flint and steel tool.

The children thought this was very cool and enjoyed watching the bright sparks.

Mr Murton started to build his fire whilst explaining all the things he needed.

Woolly bits and wood shavings were first as these caught fire easily.

Then bigger shavings and small sticks.

I asked the children why Mr Murton was wearing gloves.

Harry said, “Not to burn his hands.”

Our fire was starting to look very big and extremely hot.

Mr Murton kept adding lots of wood pieces.

Lewis said, “This is to stop the fire from going out.”

We listened to the fire to hear all the noises it was making.  We thought of different words to describe the noises.

Hannah said, “Crackling.”

Isla said, “POP! POP! POP!”

Elsa said, “Banging.”

Sklyah said, “Snap!”

James said, “Crack!”

Daniel said, “Crunchy sounds.”

Frankie L said, “Bangs.”

Jayden said, “Crackles.”

As a special treat we were allowed to have a go at toasting our own marshmallows to make a tasty treat.

We had to hold the stick carefully to make sure it didn’t go too near the fire as we didn’t want to burn our marshmallows.

The squidgy marshmallows were sandwiched between 2 yummy chocolate biscuits.

They tasted delicious!

They were very sticky.

Even our Year 6 Young Teachers enjoyed toasting marshmallows.

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Wow! You have so much fun learning in Reception! I wish I was in your class. Those marshmallows looked scrumptious! Well done for being so very sensible. Thank you, Mr Murton, for sharing your outdoor skills.

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