Autumn leaves are great for BIG ART!!


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On our way up to the lunch hall today the children noticed how colourful the path was which was covered in Autumn leaves.  Reds, yellows, oranges, and browns of all different shapes and sizes.

After lunch we all popped our coats on and went collecting.  We searched for leaves of a certain shape to make a certain picture ………….  Can you guess what we wanted to make?  Here is a clue – We also needed lots of twigs.

We split into 2 groups.  Mr Murton helped his group to break some of the big twigs to make them smaller.

Mrs Barker’s group started to make small pictures of their own.

Then we decided to make a picture together.


I think you can guess now …….   We made a BIG bonfire.  The Autumn coloured leaves made perfect flames.


Mr Murton’s group made small bonfires on the decking and the path.  We decided that we wanted to make one HUGE picture so we moved all of the smaller bonfires and put them together with Mrs Barker’s group on the outdoor Art Area to make our picture even BIGGER.

What fabulous teamwork guys.  You worked really well together to make a super Autumn bonfire picture.  Let’s see what other pictures you can make tomorrow.



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Oh wow! I love your outdoor art. It looks fabulous! What a talented bunch you are!

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