We are enjoying our Phonics in Reception.


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In our Phonics sessions we have been trying to write our sounds really neatly and then choosing which one we like the best and also explaining why.

We write 3 sounds and put a dot under the one we like the best.

Our writing is already lovely and neat.

Here are some of the reasons why we chose our favourite ones.

Hannah said “It has a good circle shape”

Theo said “That one is a little bit tall”

Daniel said “It’s super tall”

Nancy said “Nice and straight”

Elsa said “It has a really long neck”


We have also been making some words using the sounds we have learnt so far.

We have a board with all the sounds we know on and we have to choose the right sounds to make the words.

Fred the Frog says the sounds and we use our Fred Fingers to make the word.  Then we put each of the sounds we can hear onto our boards.

We are so clever.  We can make the words mat, mad, sad, dad, at and sam.

We have even been making sounds using conkers.

We love our Phonics in Reception.

Jam Sandwich Making


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We have been reading a story all about a Giant Jam Sandwich.

In this story there was a town that had been invaded by 4 million wasps.

The town had to come up with a plan of how to get rid of them all.  In the story the mayor called a meeting to talk about the plan.

We had a talk to eachother and came up with some good ideas.

We thought they could …..

Chase them away

Catch them in a big net

Tell them to fly away somewhere else.

The town people decided they would make a giant jam sandwich to trap the wasps.

It was so big that they needed a tractor to spread the butter and jam.

The wasps loved the giant sandwich and whilst they were busy eating it they dropped another huge slice of bread on top and trapped all the wasps.

Everyone was so happy that all the wasps had gone.

We loved this story so much that we decided to make our very own jam sandwiches.

We had a giant table to make our sandwiches on.

Mrs Barker gave us some instructions and we listened really carefully to them before we started.

Then it was time to get making.  First we used a knife to spread the butter.  We didn’t need a tractor as our sandwiches were only small.

Super spreading guys.

Next it was time to spread the jam.  This was a bit tricky as the jam is so sticky.  It was so hard not to lick our fingers.

Once we had spread all the jam on it was time to cut our slices in half.  We had to try and cut right down the middle so our pieces were the same size.

When we had cut our sandwiches in half we put the 2 pieces together and cut it in half again.  This was super tricky as the pieces had become very slippy with all the jam.

Fabulous cutting guys.

2 gorgeous little jam sandwiches all ready to eat.

Mmmmmmm delicious!!!!!

Yum Yum Yum!!!!

We loved reading all about the Giant Jam Sandwich and we especially enjoyed making our own.

Have another go at home making some different flavour sandwiches.  Let me know which one is your favourite.

Hooray Free Story Books


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Every year the very kind people from The Book Trust send all new starters a free book.  Ours have arrived today and it is a beautiful story all about a Bumblebear called Norman.

I hope you all enjoy sharing this lovely story with your children at home.  There is nothing quite like snuggling up together and sharing a book.  Let me know what your child thought of this story.

Exciting changes in Reception


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We have been keeping a very close eye on Bob the Caterpillar and watching what he has been up to.  He has been munching and crunching on the leaves we have been giving him.  He has been crawling all around his enclosure and at one point we thought we had lost him.

We definitely hadn’t lost him but we had noticed that he wasn’t crawling around anymore.

Bob has built himself a cocoon.

Jayden told Mrs Channing “He is inside his bacoon”

Lewis said “He has built himself a cocoon and is sleeping now”

“I can’t wait for him to be that cute moth.  If he flies on my finger I will give him a stroke” said Jayden.

We have also adopted another caterpillar the same as Bob which Sadie and Paloma found at playtime.  He has settled in to his new home and will hopefully build himself a cocoon soon.

Bob the Caterpillar


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We have a very special visitor in our classroom at the moment.  His name is Bob and he is a Caterpillar.

Thomas found Bob in his Grandma’s garden.

We wanted to find out what type of caterpillar Bob was so we looked on the computer to find a picture that looked the same.

We found out that Bob is a Pale Tussock Moth.

We asked the computer some questions to find out more information about Bob.

We asked …….

What do Pale Tussock Moths like to eat?

We found out they like to eat leaves from lots of different trees such as Elm, Birch, Hazel, Lime and Oak.

We though that Bob looked quite dangerous as he was very hairy and had a red spike on his back so we asked the computer.

Are Pale Tussock Moths dangerous?

We found out that although they are not poisonous the hairs can sometimes cause a rash on your skin so we decided we wouldn’t touch Bob but just look at him instead.

Bob is going to live in our Investigation Station so we can watch him grow and hopefully make a cocoon and turn into a moth.

We asked the computer what Bob will look like when he turns into a moth.

We couldn’t believe just how cute a Pale Tussock Moth is.   What do you think?

pale tussock moth

“Awwwwwwwww he is so adorable” said Isla.

We thought he looked like some other animals.  Some of us thought he looked like a monkey, a bat, a floppy eared rabbit and even a sloth.

I can’t wait to see if Bob does turn into this cute moth.

Thank you Thomas for bringing Bob to school this morning.


Our Very First Assembly


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Today we were super sensible and grown up and went into our very first whole school assembly.  It was a special assembly too as Reverend Peverell came in to tell us a story.

As a special treat some of us were chosen to be Reverend Peverell’s special helpers.  We had to stand up in front of the whole school and help to hold some cards with words on.


Reverend Peverell had us all thinking about things that are important in our lives.  There was work, rest, play, eat and love.

We found out that love was the most important.

What a lovely assembly for our very first one.  We loved meeting Reverend Peverell and Mrs Channing was so proud of how sensible we all were.

Thankyou Reverend Peverell from everyone in Reception.

We love to share books with Fred the Frog


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Our Reading Area has sprouted some lovely soft grass and we love to get comfy with Fred the Frog and share a book.


We also have an Interactive Story Board which we can use to retell stories which Mrs Barker reads to us at Storytime.  We use the characters from the story and move them around on the board to retell the story we listened to and make up new stories of our own.

At the moment we are retelling the story of Bear and Bee.

Image result for bear and bee book


We love to tell stories in Reception.  I am enjoying reading all of the comments in the children’s reading logs which say you are all enjoying telling stories from your wordless picture books.

Well Done Everyone!!!!

We are loving our Investigation Station


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We have had a really brilliant start to our school year.  The children are all settling in and getting busy in their new classroom.  They have been so sensible coming into school on a morning and letting their Mums and Dads go home.

The children have enjoyed looking at nature in the new Investigation Station.

There are lots of interesting things to look at through the magnifying glasses.

We have been watching to see if the strawberries and tomatoes have changed.

We noticed that the strawberries had started to turn from green to red.

Our tomatoes are still green but we will keep watching them to see if they change.

On our way up to lunch we found some apples that had fallen off the apple tree.  We cut them in half to see what they looked like inside.  We found the pips.  After a few days the apples had changed.  They had turned brown and slimey.  We talked about why this happened and found out that the apples had started to decay and go rotten.  The apples were dying 🙁

We have also been looking at something else that falls off the trees at this time of year.  The children have been talking all about conkers and have been watching them burst out of their prickly green shells.

One of the apples that we found have some strange holes in it.

This is what we thought had made the holes.

Jayden thought “It was a naughty caterpillar who crawled in the classroom and up the table leg and over the table onto the apple”

Lewis thought “It could have been a worm because they like to eat apples”


If you have anything interesting for our Investigation Station please send it in.



Welcome to our new family members!!


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Welcome back everyone. We are really looking forward to an exciting year. This is our class blog where we share our learning and share ideas with the children and adults alike.  It is easy to blog.  Adults there is no need to sign in, you can comment on any of our posts just by leaving your email address.

There is a new element to our blogs called ‘Reading Log’.  It would be great if you could share what your child is reading at home on our reading log. Any books that you find  particularly interesting please could you provide a book review so that your friends can enjoy these as well. There is no need to sign in to do this as a form is provided to help you, found at  the top of the blog. (Reading Log Tab)

You can log in for your child using the number 24 followed by their first name.  The password is the same as your child’s Reading Eggs password which you will be given shortly.

When blogging please remember to follow the blog rules! All posts are moderated before they are approved and published.